About Us



Art Kessler was born in Carmel-by-the-Sea and has been a resident of the Monterey Peninsula since the late 60s.  He currently lives in Carmel where he shares his home with three cats. 

After graduating from high school, Art enlisted in the Navy where he was trained as an electronics technician.  After his enlistment, he attended college on the GI Bill while working as a ship's navigator.

In 1975, Art began a 20 year corporate career as an electronics and computer technician in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 1990, he decided to combine his electronics background with his love of piano music and piano technology by creating Kessler Piano Service.

Art graduated from the San Francisco School of Piano Tuning and joined the Piano Technicians Guild as an associate member.  Since then, Art has attended Yamaha Corporation's Little Red Schoolhouse, the Disklavier Training Seminar, and most recently the Performance Piano Seminar.  He has also attended technical seminars on electronic recording and playback systems with Music Systems Research (PianoDisc) and QRS (Pianomation).

Today Art focuses on maintaining and expanding his piano service business on the Monterey Peninsula through effective communications with his clients and continued refinement of his technical skills.