Resources We Recommend



Often our clients ask for recommendations, and we do our very best to provide only the names of those individuals and companies in whom we strongly believe.  We receive no compensation for the referrals we provide in the following alphabetical list, so you can be assured that our recommendations are value-based.  If you do call one of these resources, please tell them you were referred by Art at Kessler Piano Service.

  • Lyn and Renée Bronson have dedicated their lives to their love of classical music and to the training and development of classical pianists. The unparalleled success of the students of the Bronson Piano Studio is a testament to that dedication and love. Call (831) 625-7971 for an appointment.
  • The Piano Book by Larry Fine is a resource without equal for learning how to buy a piano.  Larry illuminates the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of pianos. Call (800) 545-2022 for more information.
  • Marcia Stearns is the owner of Bookmark Music in Pacific Grove, the premier music and performing arts bookstore in northern California. Call (831) 648-0508 or (800) 648-0508 for hours.
  • Burton& Wilson at (800) 336-1924 and Howard's Piano Moving at (831) 332-1116 are the only true piano movers who provide service on the Monterey Peninsula.