Ancillary Services







Kessler Piano Service provides several ancillary services indirectly related to piano maintenance.  The following describes these services.
  • Humidity control system sales, installation, and maintenance - Most piano owners are unaware that significant changes in humidity over a short time can result in rapid changes in tuning and action responsiveness. One solution to these symptoms is to install a humidity control system in the piano itself. One such system is manufactured by the Dampp-Chaser Company of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Dampp-Chaser has been designing and manufacturing humidity control systems for pianos for several decades, and we can attest from many years experience that they produce effective, reliable and cost-effective systems. Virtually every piano manufacturer in the world today recommends Dampp-Chaser systems because of their contribution to greater instrument stability and longevity.
  • Electronic player piano system maintenance and repair - Playback systems for acoustic pianos have come a long way since the pneumatic systems that reached the height of their popularity in the early1900s. Today's modern recording and playback systems make use of sophisticated computer control systems, fiber-optic cabling, solenoid-driven keys and pedals, and compact disk-based playback and recording media. Servicing these systems requires almost as much understanding of electronic control systems as it does of acoustic piano technology. At Kessler Piano Service we have studied and received training on these systems from three manufacturers: Yamaha Corporation and their Disklavier systems, Music Systems Research and their PianoDisc systems, and QRS and their Pianomation systems.
  • Piano purchase technical advocacy - In this day of $3000 televisions and $30,000 automobiles, the purchase of a piano will represent a significant investment for most families. Information that explains what one should look for or avoid isn't readily available to the average purchaser. Kessler Piano Service delights in working with new and existing clients to locate and evaluate suitable instruments.
  • Piano service technical advocacy - Rather than attempting to be all things to all piano owners, Kessler Piano Service believes strongly in referring certain types of work to specialists. These include, but are not limited to, refinishing, rebuilding, and complete restorations. If your instrument requires specialized services that we are unable or unwilling to provide, we would enjoy acting on your behalf to have the work done to your complete satisfaction. We are able to make all arrangements and track the work from beginning to end to ensure that your interests are represented exactly as though we were doing the work ourselves.