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Our company name, Kessler Piano Service, tells people who we are and, in general, what we do.  It does not, however, tell people what, if anything, sets us apart in the world of piano service.  With that in mind, we'd like to take a minute and share a few simple ideas with you that form the basis of our business philosophy.

We believe that the key to all successful human interaction is effective communication.  Furthermore, we believe this to be true regardless of the nature of the relationship. In other words, effective communication is the key to successful relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, teachers and students, next door -, next city -, next country neighbors, and not least of all piano technicians and their clients.

So, what do we mean by "effective communication?"

  • First, it has been said that, "they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." We believe this is true. We also believe in the corollary, "first seek to understand, then to be understood." In other words, we need to spend most of our time listening to you rather than telling you what we're going to do.
  • Second, we believe that no two pianos or their owners are alike. It follows then that we try to treat each piano and client as unique individuals. While this may sound trite, we're in the business of providing a quality service that may continue for years. Cookie cutter principles only work in cookie factories.
  • Third, we believe in the principle of under promising and over delivering. If we're going to surprise you, we want it to be the result of a good--not a bad--experience.
  • Fourth, we can't be all things to all people or their pianos. If an instrument requires a service we are unable to perform, we will unhesitatingly communicate this to our client. As skilled as we are, there are piano services we prefer not to take on. These usually involve tasks better managed by specialists (moving pianos or refinishing, for example) because of their training, experience, or inclination. Whatever the reason we might choose to decline work, we will always offer to subcontract the work to a specialist in whom we have confidence.
  • Fifth, we would rather ask and compensate our clients for referrals and expand our business through word-of-mouth advertising than spend a fortune in time and money attracting a lot of unfavorable attention with traditional advertising campaigns.
  • Finally, we've often heard it said that attitude is everything. We believe that personal integrity trumps it every time.... then comes attitude.

In conclusion, the primary focus of our business is on effective communications; the secondary on application of our technical skills.  Only after we have attended to you do we proceed with attending to your piano.

We divide our piano service into four categories: